Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The last two days have been an amazing time of learning and experiencing hands on the process of Placenta Medicine. Midwife Jessica took the time to teach Kate and I the in and outs of the process, from evaluating and learning from the placenta to the actual Encapsulation itself.

The story begins with a healthy placenta and ends in priceless medicine to aid in the early days after childbirth. First the placenta is separated from the membrane and placed into a strainer than covered in Fresh Ginger and Lemon.

The strainer is than placed in a pot with a few inches of water on the stove to steam, where we than add Chi Tea to the placenta. It steams for 20 min and is taken off to cut into slices and prepped for dehydration. It is than placed in the oven for 8-10 hours on low heat to dry out. after dry and cooled the placenta is broken into smaller parts and ground into powder. The powder is than placed into small capsules and is ready for consumption.

The process was very easy and fun to learn, I am excited to use this knowledge to provide this service to women and educate others about the benefits of Placentophagy.

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  1. You make it a completely different way (recipe/steaming wise) than i learned. lol

    I learned to wrap the placenta in the membrane. cord included, with ginger, lemon and a hot pepper.

    never heard of the chai tea part.

    then cooking/grounding as you stated. lol