Friday, May 7, 2010

Joys of Nursing

Being a Mom of two under two can be very challenging at times. From changing diapers to cleaning banana out of the carpet, all while trying to get dinner on the table by 5 and keep up on the Laundry. There is little time to stop and take time for your self.

There seems to be only brief moments when the world comes to a halt and nothing else seems to matter. It happens a few times throughout the day as you are cleaning, cooking, or chasing your toddler. It even sometimes happens while you are running your errands. You hear a coo, or a fuss and nothing else in the world matters everything stops and its just you and your baby.

Her sweet little lips rooting for the warmth and comfort of the breast, pure satisfaction comes across her little face as she latches on. Her eyes meet yours and your heart swells with love. There is nothing more rewarding.

I have found from the first moment I held my children in my arms I knew I had to provide what was best for them. There is nothing more pure more wonderful and more loving than Breastfeeding your baby. Knowing that my body is capable of fulfilling all the needs of my infant is truly satisfying.